Thank YOU, for being a part of creating the change that we wish to see in Racine.

"This campaign was never about money, it was never about privilege, it was never about power and influence, but it was about people… This was people-powered all the way through. While we were running a campaign, what we’re really doing is building our own machine.

This campaign was not about a single seat. It’s about a movement; where we throw aside the power systems that currently exist, that allow tons of money to be flooded into small races so that they can win them. It’s going to be about people getting this thing done. This is not about anything other than people.

As people, we are going to create the change that we wish to see in Racine."


John Tate II 


John Tate II is proudly endorsed by UAW CAP, Representative Jonathon Brostoff, State Senator Chris Larson and many others.

"Wisconsin desperately needs folks who will fight every day to make sure the system works for us, not against us. I believe John Tate II has the experience, insight, and connection to the Racine community to make the biggest difference in the Assembly." - State Senator Chris Larson