A Living Wage

No one working full time should live in poverty in the richest nation on earth. Wisconsin leads the nation in experiencing the largest middle class decline of any state. This is because Republican’s like Governor Walker and Speaker Vos have worked to give tax breaks and billion dollar incentives to their rich friends instead of giving you a raise.

I believe in a living wage of at least 15$/hr. Wisconsin workers are more productive than ever, yet their wages have been stagnant. Let’s pay workers what they deserve and grow the economy. 

Healthcare for All

No one should have to choose between groceries to feed their family or paying their medical bills. Regardless of income, everyone should have access to quality healthcare without the barrier of cost. The state needs to be a partner in expanding the Affordable Care Act’s benefits to Wisconsin residents. 

Governor Walker has consistently rejected federal dollars to expand the state’s medicaid programs. This means that Wisconsinites are paying more to cover fewer people who utilize BadgerCare. We need to accept federal dollars to expand medicaid to our most vulnerable, invest in preventative healthcare programs and ensure that every Wisconsinite can get treatment if they get sick, without going bankrupt.

But we can't stop there. We need to move toward a healthcare system where profit is not the primary goal. Instead, the health and well-being of our people should be the first and last priority. 

Support Public Education

We need to support our children’s future by investing in our public schools. Governor Walker and Republicans in the Assembly and State Senate have made it their mission to strip public schools of the resources our children need to succeed. Instead they have given millions of taxpayer dollars to private entities that are unaccountable to our communities and parents. 

We need to ensure that our children are supported in their education by connecting our schools to their communities, reducing class sizes, supporting our teachers and expanding K-3 education and after-school programs. We can be a Wisconsin where no child is limited by where they live or how much money their family has. Instead, the only limit should be that child's effort and imagination.